Mustanojan Kello

Goldsmith works since 1987

Seppo Mustanoja found the company at Pattijoki in 1987. The business was located in the additional wing of the family house. The spirit of Pattijoki business was tranquil. Men gathered in the shop to discuss fishing, hunting, farming and other burning issues of the day. At the same time they could also buy a ring for their wife or bring a clock or a watch to be repaired.

Seppo has always been interested in clocks and watches and their repairs. Old wall clocks and pocket watches have been especially close to his heart. During the years, Seppo has bought and collected watches from auctions and estates of those deceased, so there are plenty of spare parts. Customers come even from far to buy spare parts for their old clocks.

His daughter Kirsi Vääräkoski has worked for the company since 1994 and today she continues on the path paved by her father as a keeper or clock- and goldsmith business together with professional sales persons. In 2000, business premises moved from Pattijoki to Kirkkokatu at the centre of Raahe.